Indiana multi-temp warehouse - Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse in Indianapolis, IN

Multi-temp Warehouse in Indianapolis, IN
Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse, Inc.

Indiana's multi-temp warehouse offers every kind of commercial warehousing under one roof...

Public Refrigerated Warehouse

  • Blast freezing or quick freezing in blast freezers
  • Ultracold storage freezers for frozen foods and beverages
  • Refrigerated storage

Dry storage warehouse

  • Heated storage warehouse
  • Ambient temperture storage
  • Industrial warehousing

Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse is your one stop shop for warehousing and distribution management in Indiana.

We have indoor rail access to our warehouses and plenty of truck bays. We can handle cross docking (crossdocking) and transloading of your shipments.

We offer web-based access to track your inventory, place orders and check delivery status.

For more information on our multi-temp warehouse in Indianapolis, contact us at 317-632-2525 or 800-433-7107 or visit our main web site at

Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse of Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) provides blast freezing (quick freezing), ultra-cold (ultra cold/ultracold), frozen, refrigerated (refrigeration), heated, ambient and industrial warehousing, storage and distribution. Merchandise Warehouses's multi-temp facilities include blast freezers, ultra-cold (ultra cold/ultracold) freezers, refrigerators, heated (freeze-protected), ambient and high-ceiling industrial warehouse space. This Indianapolis public warehousing company has public warehouses in indianapolis indiana available to the public for their warehousing needs for Midwest cold storage and Central US cold storage. Midwest multi-temp warehousing includes dry storage in the midwest dry storage, also offering midwest containerĀ stripping. Illinois cold storage in Illinois, ohio cold storage in Ohio, michigan cold storage in Michigan, kentucky cold storage in Kentucky, indiana cold storage. Our warehouse has blast freezing, ultracold warehouses where frozen foods are warehoused by Merchandise Warehouse Conpany, Inc., an Indiana warehouser offering storage space for storage and public warehouse of frozen foods, storage of dry goods and heavy industrial.